Taking The Stand: Front Matter


Okay, I’m cheating. I’ve read quite a bit of this book, but I’m still going to break it down into digestible chunks for this series of posts. After all, this behemoth is 1,433 pages long. When I finish it will be the longest single book I’ve read and I’ve never been noted for my reading speed. It was only recently that I discovered that most people skim while reading fiction! Inconceivable. I’ve never skimmed a page a fiction in my life, which is why I prefer my books short and to the point. Is this a knock against King already? We’ll see.

Taking The Stand: A First-timer’s Read-through of Stephen King’s Epic – Introduction


I’m very excited to be beginning my Genre Writing Master’s Degree this summer. Our first reading assignment, The Stand by Stephen King.

Here’s the thing, despite being a long time science fiction and fantasy reader, I never, not once, have read a book by Stephen King. Surprising, perhaps. In a recent survey of short story writers by Clarkesworld Magazine, Stephen King was the number one author cited as an influence by short story writers. Number one!