Taking The Stand: Chapters 1-8


Bam! It’s clear that Stephen King subscribes to the notion that all exposition must occur after the inciting incident and the inciting incident must occur as close to page one as possible. There is a lot of exposition in this book (600 pages, so far), but you would hardly know it because

Taking The Stand: Front Matter


Okay, I’m cheating. I’ve read quite a bit of this book, but I’m still going to break it down into digestible chunks for this series of posts. After all, this behemoth is 1,433 pages long. When I finish it will be the longest single book I’ve read and I’ve never been noted for my reading speed. It was only recently that I discovered that most people skim while reading fiction! Inconceivable. I’ve never skimmed a page a fiction in my life, which is why I prefer my books short and to the point. Is this a knock against King already? We’ll see.

Taking The Stand: A First-timer’s Read-through of Stephen King’s Epic – Introduction


I’m very excited to be beginning my Genre Writing Master’s Degree this summer. Our first reading assignment, The Stand by Stephen King.

Here’s the thing, despite being a long time science fiction and fantasy reader, I never, not once, have read a book by Stephen King. Surprising, perhaps. In a recent survey of short story writers by Clarkesworld Magazine, Stephen King was the number one author cited as an influence by short story writers. Number one!