10,000 Failures: Screaming Argonaut & Cream Chargers

10000 Failures, Meta
screaming argonaut

An Argonaut is a type of squid, among other things.

I had a blog once. Actually, I’ve had a few. Screaming Argonaut was my first serious attempt at maintaining a presence on the Internet, but somehow

the Internet keeps sloughing my off like so much dead skin. I kept it up for quite a while and then let it lapse. I’d generated just enough traffic for it to immediately be turned into a bizarre porn/marketing site. In someways that is my true legacy. Here is a link to the “real” site: http://screamingargonaut.wordpress.com/ And here is its evil twin. Notice how the titles of my stories and blog posts have been subtly altered to advertise something called Cream Chargers. I notice now that there’s even an unexpected brony connection. Good on you Cream Chargers (warning do not click any links on the target site, I have no idea where they go and can only assume the worst). http://screamingargonaut.com/ So the answer to the question: “What happens when you put yourself on the Internet?” isĀ CREAM CHARGERS!

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